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Events-Countryside-Floral-and-GardenThe special events in your life are the ones we you cherish the most.  Countryside Floral and Garden will help you remember these events forever.  We provide floral designs and arrangements for all your special events.  In every photo you’ll capture the color of your flowers blended in with those you love.  We can create bouquets, wreaths and other floral arrangements for your special events.  Our floral designs will make your special events memorable for generations to come.

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Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mizvah Events


Watching your son become a Bar Mitzvah is a moment you and your family won’t forget.  We’ll design and make floral arrangements for his Bar Mitzvah.  We have an array of flowers for your son’s Bar Mitzvah.  Your floral designer respects the significance of your son’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony.  They’ll design floral arrangements for every part of this significant event.  We’ll help you plan where to put floral designs during the Bar Mitzvah ceremony and party.  Countryside Floral and Garden is the place to get flowers signifying the growth and potential of your son for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

  • Bar Mitzvah Ceremonies
  • Bar Mitzvah Parties
  • Bar Mitzvah Flowers
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