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Not every Mercer Island flower shop is created equally mercer-island-wa-centerpiece

Many people think the most important detail about a fancy wedding in Mercer Island is the actual venue itself.

While this is a very important portion of the event, the most important thing is which flower shop you choose to make the arrangements and the bouquets. The reason we say this is because the florist you select can either make the event a historical one or a failure.  

Countryside Floral and Garden has spent decades perfecting the processes and techniques we use so we can ensure your event is the best it can possibly be.

If you choose to go with any other flower shop, you run the risk of making your event forgettable.

Best Mercer Island area flower shop around



- Completely original designs
- Unmatched customer service
- Guaranteed satisfaction

Nothing would be more embarrassing than having your chosen Mercer Island flower shop utilize the exact same design for your wedding or special occasion as it did for one of your guest’s events. 

While this sounds like a funny and unlikely prospect, it is actually not at all humorous and is extremely common.

How can this situation be that common? The reason it happens so often is because the majority of florist shops spend a long time developing their favorite few designs and utilize them at each and every event for which they are contracted.  

Countryside Floral and Garden feels this practice is the wrong way to go and is why we make sure our top notch designers create something completely original and unique for every venue.

Your wedding or other large event can be a very stressful thing.

We understand the event itself will cause you enough stress, so we do what we can to make sure everything regarding the florist arrangements goes off without any problems.

It is our attention to detail and consideration for the customer’s likes and dislikes that has allowed us to be the top Mercer Island  area flower shop for many years.  

Countryside Floral and Garden has worked diligently to ensure each and every customer is completely satisfied and very happy to recommend us to her friends and family.

We know once you hear what we have to say and see what we have to add to an event, there will be no doubt in your mind we are the flower shop for you.