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If you are searching for a Renton flower shop, look no further

 There are many times to take chances in this world, however the time to choose a Renton flower shop or local florist is not one of them.  The reason we are saying this is because when you order elegant flower arrangements, it is for an important event for gathering.

These types of events are stressful enough without worrying about whether or not the flower shop is going to uphold its end of the deal: to provide incredible arrangements to a specified location at the appropriate day and time.

Countryside Floral and Garden has spent many years to be the best florist in the area and look forward to the opportunity to show you exactly how we have earned such a great reputation.

What can we do for you as your Renton flower shop of choice?


- Original and unique designs
- On-time delivery
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Countryside Floral and Garden
was formed in 1984 with the desire to create a flower shop to serve Renton and its surrounding areas in a way that was never been seen before.

Using our core values, we slowly began to build our shop and employ designers who will not just be the florist making the arrangements but the creative minds constructing never seen before items.

Even as we grew into the company we are today, we never lost sight of what was expected of us from our clients, which is to be able to handle an elaborate event with the same quality one would expect with a smaller gathering.

At Countryside Floral and Garden, we know that regardless of how incredible our floral designs are, if they don’t make it from the flower shop to your Renton event at the proper time, the effort will be all for nothing.

In our opinion being on time is the same as being late, which is why we do everything humanly possible to make sure all of your flower arrangements are not only in place prior to the beginning of your celebration, but that they will look like they just came out of the florist shop.

From the minute we take your initial phone call until the completion of your successful Renton event, our flower shop will do all we can to ensure your success as well as ours.

If any time you are less than completely satisfied, Countryside Floral and Garden will change any detail to attain the perfection you expect from your florist.