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No Seattle flower shop compares to us

If you are trying to find a flower shop in the Seattle area, you will be inundated with literally hundreds of companies vying for your business.

Although on the surface, many of these companies appear to be exactly the same, in fact they are as different as night and day.

Many florist businesses focus more on getting the next customer through the door than they do about completely satisfying the customers they already have.  

Countryside Floral and Garden knows that if we had this kind of attitude, we would never have been able to build a successful business over the past three decades.

There are a number of things that set us apart from our competitors, and we welcome the opportunity to show you what they are:

- Unique and creative designs
- Very pleased customers
- The ability to handle any size venue

Find out how we became the top flower shop in Seattle

In our opinion, a Seattle flower shop is only as good as the last event it was contracted to complete. For this reason, we at Countryside Floral and Garden always strive to outdo ourselves each and every time we supply an event.

Unfortunately, the majority of florist companies within Seattle put together a couple of designs that they use over and over again at every wedding or party they work.

While this will impress the first few customers who end up with those designs it will soon become boring and commonplace. Instead of your guests speaking about how wonderful the designs were they will be speaking about how many times they've seen them in the past.

Countryside Floral and Garden
also understands that no matter what floral arrangements we provide for an event, our Seattle flower shop would never continue to prosper unless we had very happy customers.

We do absolutely everything we can to make sure your stress is minimized on the day of your special occasion, however sometimes things do fall through the cracks.

If we notice anything, or more importantly you notice anything that you’d like changed, we will work feverishly to improve the detail until it is perfect.  

Countryside Floral and Garden has spent decades building our reputation as the top Seattle florist and have absolutely no intentions of letting this reputation decline.

Give us a call or stop in the flower shop so we can show you why we continue to be the best.