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Rentals-Countryside-Floral-and-GardenYou can make your wedding as elaborate as you want.  When you need items to complete the setting of your wedding, contact us today.  Countryside Floral and Garden provides rentals for your wedding.  Our rentals include Greek columns, cylinders and trees.  We do have other items available to rent for your wedding.  Why buy columns, cylinders and trees when you’ll only use them once?  Save money and take advantage of our rentals.  Each rental piece is designed to make your wedding look the way you want.  You can pick up your rentals or we’ll deliver them to you.  Contact us for details on our rental policies.

  • Greek Columns
  • Cylinders
  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Delivery


Greek Columns and Cylinders


Wedding themes are the fun way to have a memorable wedding.  Plan to do a royal or custom-looking wedding?  Rent our Greek columns and cylinders.  Our Greek columns and cylinders are white and will give you the feel of royalty and elegance.  Walk down the aisle like a queen flanked by Greek columns and cylinders.  Greek columns and cylinders are a great choice for upscale weddings.  You can these items for smaller weddings.  Remember we can do high-end weddings or more affordable ones.  Either way renting our Greek columns and cylinders will give your wedding the romantic and royal look you’d like.

  • Greek columns and cylinders
  • Improves the look and setting of your wedding
  • Gives your wedding a royal look
  • Rent for any type of wedding
  • Delivery available
  • Affordable rates for any wedding
  • Great backdrop for pictures


Tree Rentals


For a wedding in a natural setting try our tree rentals.  Tree rentals give your wedding a backdrop suited for custom floral arrangements.  Our trees are natural looking and can be put anywhere you’d like during your wedding.  Tree rentals will be delivered to your wedding.  You can set them up or we’ll do it for you.  Sit them along your wedding aisle or alter.  You and your guests will love the look it brings to your wedding.  Tree rentals are available in different sizes.  Contact us for tree rental details and policies.

  • Variety of tree sizes and shapes
  • Different tree species
  • Use for backdrops or picture taking
  • Accents the theme of your wedding
  • Tree rental delivery


Make your weddings and other special events memorable.  Schedule your free wedding floral consultation today.