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The residents of Mercer Island deserve the best wedding flowers around

wedding-flowers-mercer-island-wa-bouquetWomen from Mercer Island, WA and all around the world grow up dreaming of their wonderful wedding day with all of the gorgeous wedding flowers arranged in a spectacular fashion.

Unfortunately, there are very few florists around who specialize in bridal bouquets and putting together wedding bouquet flowers.

You are in luck because Countryside Floral and Garden has been specializing in the wedding industry for decades, and we have built a reputation on spectacular service.

- Vast experience
- The ability to work on a grand scale
- Completely custom designs

Wedding Bouquet Flowers Mercer Island, WA



When the most special day you will ever have in Mercer Island, WA comes along, you don’t want to trust something as important as your wedding flowers to a florist who is incapable of providing you what you need.

When you hire Countryside Floral and Garden, you will be able to sit back and relax knowing we have a vast amount of experience with the custom wedding bouquet flowers and bridal bouquets you love.

We will not risk your special day by experimenting with your time and money.

When you deal with Countryside Floral and Garden, you get what you expect and then more.

While there may be a lot of different flower shops that can provide wedding flowers for Mercer Island, WA ceremonies, they are often unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with an event on a grand scale.

Countryside Floral and Garden has spent decades working on procedures and techniques, which allow us to give the personal attention and gorgeous bridal bouquets that one would expect from a small occasion to an event of any size.

Another feature you can expect when you get your wedding bouquet flowers from Countryside Floral and Garden is that you'll be able to receive personalized bridal bouquets that have never been seen before.

A lot of Mercer Island florists simply put together a few designs of wedding flowers and use them for each and every occasion they are contracted to do.

We view this as a copout, which is why our highly skilled and very dedicated floral designers will provide you with arrangements that no one has ever seen before or will ever see again.

When you deal with us, your flowers will not only be admired on the day of the event, but they will be spoken about for years to come.